Saturday, July 25, 2009

Salem Insider's Package

We have a brand-new package available at the Hawthorne Hotel, and it is so much fun, and so different, we just have to let you know about it.

We call it the Salem Insider's Package (or Locals Package), and it was created to give you a way to stay at the Hawthorne Hotel, but act, shop, eat, and recreate like one of 'us'.

Our staff at the Hawthorne put together a list of all of our favorite places to go -- these are the places WE go when we are not working, and the really run the gamut from diners and 'holes-in-the-walls' to nicer places. The list includes places our team members to go relax, whether to bowl or shoot some pool, or go to the beach, or the arcade and picnic areas of the Willows -- they are for the most part places our 'normal' tourists would never find on their own, and would not usually be told about, because they are simply the places that the locals frequent.

Megan Campbell, our Front Desk Supervisor, put them into a lovely booklet, complete with a locator map (she is very talented -- you will see when you get your booklet!) Each business has the address and phone number and hours listed, as well as a little synopsis of what you will find when you go to our favorite places.

The ONLY way you can get one of these booklets is to buy the package!!!

In addition to the booklet, when you buy this package, you also will get tickets to our local movie theater, Cinema Salem. The movies that play there are always first-run (on three big screens) and then there is the screening room which has about 25 seats, and shows a kind of 'art' or foreign film -- a smaller theater with an intimate feel, and extremely well-chosen and unique films.

Last but not least, included in this package is a roll of quarters. That way you will be all ready for the arcade games at the Willows, or to feed parking meters if you venture off into some of the areas that are not quite walkable from the Hawthorne Hotel. And if you do neither, we are certain you will still find a good use for them (maybe feeding the toll booths on the turnpike on your way home?)

  • overnight accommodations at the Hawthorne Hotel,
  • The Salem Insider's Guide by the Hawthorne Hotel Staff,
  • discounts for three of our restaurants -- coupons in the guide
  • tickets per person to Cinema Salem, and a
  • roll of quarters per room, all for
  • very attractive rates starting at $161 per room.
I hope to see you here! Just don't buy all the jelly sticks at Ziggy's so that I don't get any and we'll still be friends.


P.S. If you are planning to move to Salem, this is your must-have hotel room package. You will feel like a local from the moment you move here with this booklet!

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