Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ghost Hunters Fan Comes for a Visit

On Saturday a young guest by the name of Elsa (seen with me here) from South Carolina checked in to the hotel for a visit. She came specifically because she is a fan of the television show, Ghost Hunters, and a big fan of T.A.P.S. She wants to become a paranormal investigator, just like they are!

While she and her family members were checking in, I happened to be at the front desk. She asked if I would have my photo taken with her, and as you can see, I was happy to oblige. She told me that another family member who could not come would be very jealous!

I hope I can find a way to make your visit to the Hawthorne Hotel a happy one, too. And Elsa, I hope you find everything you came to Salem to experience.

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