Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Compelling Reason Guests Choose the Hawthorne Hotel

Yesterday as one of our managers was walking through the hotel she happened upon this guest. A quick conversation revealed that he had chosen the Hawthorne, in part, because of a cultural bias toward historic buildings, and was happier yet for the choice because of all of the great books we have available here for our guests to read.

Professor Kenneth Dula of Quinnipiac University and the University of Connecticut teaches Comparative Literature. He obviously felt comfortable being in this environment that features such an abundance of books -- we have books in the lobby, books in the Library (of course), books in the Tavern, and books on every floor, just in case you need something to read while you are staying with us.

If you get really wrapped up in a book while you are staying, and haven't finished it by the end of your stay, we even encourage you to take the book home, finish it, and mail it back to us. And many of our guests do just that.

We hope to see you here at the Hawthorne Hotel, and we hope you enjoy our books.

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