Friday, March 27, 2009

101st Birthday Is Reason to Celebrate in the Tavern at the Hawthorne Hotel

Clockwise from the bottom right are: Madaleine Dougherty, Kathleen Lalumiere, Kathleen's daughter, Patrice Tobin, and Ann Dougherty Coughlin.

The birthday woman is Madaleine, who currently lives in Boxford with her daughter, Ann. She is such a bright and vibrant woman -- I was privileged to be able to meet her and take her photo as this nice group celebrated such a very special birthday.

Mrs. Lalumiere, the woman seated to the left of Mrs. Dougherty, will turn 93 on April 6. So this was really quite a special time for all of them.

Madaleine Dougherty turned 101 yesterday, and celebrated with us at the Hawthorne Hotel.

Kathleen Lalumiere and Madaleine Dougherty

I hope you enjoy being a small part of this very special day.

Happy Birthday to you both!

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