Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Staff at the Hawthorne Hotel is the BEST

You may not realize all of the different jobs, and different people who are part of the organization called the Hawthorne Hotel. In order for you to get a more 'behind the scenes' glimpse of 'us' I offer this slide show. Be ready to spend some time if you want to see the whole show. There are nearly 900 photos here.

We showed this at our annual employee holiday party. It starts off with each of the employees of the month, beginning with January 2008.

Here is the list:
January Department
Jonah Pringle Shipping and Receiving Full Time
Anthony Baez Kitchen Part Time

Tim Cheney Engineering Full Time

Claire-Marie Gauthier Banquets Full Time
Jana Mason HSKP Part Time

Dilyara Shorfova Front Desk Full Time
Christine Madigan Exec Office Part Time

Kristen Ternullo Tavern Part Time

Manuel Pena PEM Kitchen Full Time
Abby Lincoln Front Desk Part Time

Angie Agolli Dining Services Full Time
Lourdes Gonzalez HSKP Part Time

Ramon Jerez Hernandez Kitchen Full Time
Miguel Lozano Banquets Part Time

Kelly Lilly Catering Sales Full Time
Jessica Herrick Front Desk Part Time

Jon H Banquets Full Time
Michelle Tejeda Dining Services Part Time

Megan Campbell Front Desk Full Time
Richard Diaz Banquets Part Time

Balerio Cuevas Kitchen Full Time
Hysen Qoshja Dining Services Part Time
I hope you enjoy the show.


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