Thursday, January 01, 2009

Cinema Salem Expands Number of Theaters by 33%!

If you have read this blog before, you know I love Cinema Salem. It is so wonderful to have an independent, 'thinking' movie theater located only one block from the Hawthorne Hotel, that I just have to be sure everyone else knows about it too.

Here is this week's newsletter,

(Read the newsletter first, located in italics below this, for further information about what the breaking news is about.)

Breaking News #1: Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, this week's screening of RENEWAL must be postponed one week. It will now play January 9-15. We apologize for this inconvenience, and hope that your plans will allow you to see this excellent documentary one week later.

(Of course, we WILL be showing The Tale of Despereaux, Bedtime Stories, and Yes Man as planned.)

Breaking News #2: We have an answer to the Percentage Puzzler posed in Wednesday's email. The consensus, by a small margin, is that we have increased the number of theaters at CinemaSalem by 33.3333% percent, since the percentage increase is based on the original number (3). Some people noted that the 25% figure can also be accurate if the statement is rephrased: "The new theater represents 25% of our total screens", since in this case the original number is 4.

Several people contributed answers that even I knew were probably wrong, including a couple people who posited that based on the construction of the new room, we will now have "almost 4 screens".

Productivity on the North Shore must have ground to a halt between 9 am and noon on Wednesday, based on the number of responses we received. Given the amount of energy and expertise these responses represent, we will be awarding multiple prizes, and the winners will be contacted directly by email.

This week, CinemaSalem makes history! Since the theater building was built in 1982, it's seen plenty of changes, but it's always been a three-screen movie theater. This Friday, that changes forever, as we become a four-screen cinema with the opening of the Screening Room!

A 25% increase in screens (or 33%? -- I can never figure that out*) will allow us to show DOUBLE the number of films over the course of a year, since everything that's booked in the Screening Room will play for one week or less. And its cozy size and digital presentation will allow us to showcase more artsy, independent, foreign, and fringe films than we could show in our big rooms.

Plus it will be perfect for special events like opera and music concert films, sports events, and as a fun venue for your corporate meetings, birthday parties, and premieres of the local independent features. With seating for 18-20, a spectacular sound system, super-comfy luxurious velvety seats, and high definition projection, it's totally awesome.

Opening this week is a film recently highlighted in the Boston Globe. RENEWAL documents an exciting, emerging movement within environmentalism which combines spirituality and a desire to heal the earth, and showcases stories of communities of faith making environmental progress across the country. The individual stories are diverse and moving, and feature Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists and other groups working individually and collaboratively on exciting environmental projects that are making a real difference. As one reviewer noted, "The religious-environmental movement is potentially key to dealing with the greatest problem humans have ever faced, and it has never been captured with more breadth and force than in RENEWAL." (Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature)

RENEWAL will play Friday and Saturday at (12:00), (1:50), (3:40), (5:30), 7:30 and 9:20; Sunday at (12:00), (1:50), (3:40), (5:30) and 7:30; and Monday-Thursday at (5:30) and 7:30.

We're holding over our three great flicks from last week, since the crowds have been big and enthusiastic.

My personal favorite is The Tale of Despereaux (G) which will screen Friday and Saturday at (12:10), (2:20), (4:30), 7:00 and 9:10; Sunday at (12:10), (2:20), (4:30) and 7:00; and Monday-Thursday at (4:30) and 7:00.

Bedtime Stories (PG) will screen Friday and Saturday at (11:30 AM), (1:45), (4:45), 7:20 and 9:30; Sunday at (11:30 AM), (1:45), (4:45) and 7:20; and Monday-Thursday at (4:45) and 7:20.

And last but not least, except in terms of attendance, is YES MAN (PG-13), screening Friday and Saturday at (11:50 AM), (2:40), (5:00), 7:35 and 9:45; Sunday at (11:50 AM), (2:40), (5:00) and 7:35; and Monday-Thursday at (5:00) and 7:35.

(*The first person who writes in with the answer to the mathematical puzzle: is going from three screens to four screens a 25% or 33% increase? will win two free specialty beverages from the CinemaSalem Cafe! Simply reply to this email with your answer and reasoning.

If you're looking for specialty beverage suggestions from me, they're all great, but my current favorite is The Dark Knight, which is simply scrumptious.
Thanks for supporting the four-screen CinemaSalem!

Paul Van Ness

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