Saturday, December 13, 2008

Local Crafts Gallery You Should Visit

Sample of homemade paper.

Bowl I made out of paper that I made from scraps of leftover pink copy paper.

Just about two blocks from the Hawthorne Hotel there is a place called the Pickle Pot. It is a gallery dedicated to local crafts and art from local artisans. It is run by an extraordinary woman named Jeff Bowie (shown at right in photo directly above.)

In addition to selling cool things, Jeff also likes to host classes on different arts and crafts. Last weekend she had Donna come and teach paper-making, as well as how to use handmade paper to make decorative things like the bowl you see her making here.

I had wanted to learn to make paper for about 10 years. My husband even had a friend make me a frame, and he bought me a book, but they have been languishing in the attic ever since -- the book make it look pretty intimidating. However, Jeff's friendly email notice of the class make it sound much simpler, and so I signed up and went.

It was great fun and I actually learned to do it. Donna's technique focused on using discarded paper, so it was a very 'green' class.

Now I know you are wondering what this has to do with the Hawthorne Hotel, so I'll connect the dots a bit for you. First, and most importantly, we know that when guests are on holiday, the number one activity they enjoy is shopping. The Pickle Pot is one place to shop that I love to recommend, because each and every thing in the shop is locally produced, and unique. Those are the kinds of things I like to find when I'm on visiting someplace away from home.

The other connection is that this paper making now gives me a way to use up some of the paper that we set aside for recycling. We know a lot of hotel's are going 'green', but how much more 'green' can you get than having the General Manager make something useful out of something that would otherwise be thrown away?

I hope you get a chance to visit the Pickle Pot, and be sure to say hello to Jeff from Juli at the Hawthorne Hotel. The shop is located at Pickering Wharf, across from Capt.'s Waterfront Grille.


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  1. Thanks for the shout out!
    The classes are so much fun... I love playing along with the students.

    I know people are strapped for the holidays this year. I am hoping that they will choose to skip the big box stores and support the local shop and local artists.

    Have a great Holiday Season and keep making art!