Saturday, October 18, 2008

Casting Call for Book Fair and HH Staff

Yesterday we had a Book Fair held in our Ballroom here at the Hawthorne Hotel. One of the vendors was introducing a book that children can customize themselves, and they needed some children to build books. When our staff members heard about the need for participation, they brought some of their children, and their children's friends.

Left to right above are Erika, Alexandra, Anthony,

Above, left to right are Anthony, Allie, Emily, and Rachel.

Above are Elizabeth, Erika, Alexandra, Anthony, Allie, Emily, and Rachel (who asked her mother on the morning after the event why she wasn't on the blog yet!)

The children all got to keep the books they made and also got to pick out some other books to take home. They were extraordinarily happy to help the Book Fair, but also very happy to have the opportunity to be blogged.

Can we do something to help you plan an event here at the Hawthorne Hotel?


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