Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hawthorne Hotel's Flags of the Week ~~ September 1 through 7, 2008

Every day we change the flags on the front of the Hawthorne Hotel. Here is this week's schedule.

Monday , September 1 ~~ Indonesia and South Dakota
Tuesday , September 2 ~~ Iran and Tennessee
Wednesday , September 3 ~~ Iraq and Texas
Thursday , September 4 ~~ Ireland and Utah
Friday , September 5 ~~ Israel and Vermont
Saturday , September 6 ~~ Italy and Virgin Islands
Sunday , September 7 ~~ India and Delaware ~~ India is by Special Request

I hope to see you here.



  1. Anonymous12:10 AM

    I want to know why the Hawthorn Hotel is flying the Iranian flag above thier main entry way?! Don't they know that Iran is a country ran by Islamic fundimenalist, the same people that destroyed the WTC! Not to mention that the majority of the insurgents and/or weapons that are killing our troops come from Iran! I know it's a free country and they can fly any flag they want, but come on, an Iranian flag flying over down town Salem with Sept 11th right around the corner! ITS SICKENING!

    Brian C

  2. The flag series has been an icon of the Hawthorne Hotel for more than 10 years. We support all of the countries that participate in the United Nations, and feel that the only way to world peace is mutual respect. By flying a country's flag, we do not necessarily support all of its policies.

    Juli Lederhaus, General Manager