Thursday, January 24, 2008

Some Lovely Views by Laura Beals Photography

These photos were part of a shoot done by Laura Beals at the Hawthorne Hotel for an event that took place here during the recent holiday season. We liked the photos so much that we asked for her permission to use them, and here are some of them for you to see.

The exterior is self-explanatory. However, it is a view that is not usually photographed, being our 'side' rather than our 'front' door. This is the door on Essex Street, featuring the side of the building where the Kensington-Stobart Gallery is, as well as where Nathaniel's Restaurant and Sophia's Meeting Room are. I loved the look of the staggered lights on in the guest rooms above. The photo has a great feel, don't you agree?

The second photo is of our staircase that leads up from the lobby to the second floor. In this one I love how Laura captured the complimenting curves of the architecture.
In this final photo you see one of our two 'famous' grandmother windows. Many, many years ago, there was a dancing class that was regularly held in our Ballroom. The 'grandmothers' would sit upstairs and chaperone the dances through these windows. Today they are used by brides to throw their bouquets to the waiting bridesmaids below, and for Santa to announce that he has arrived to the children assembled in the Ballroom for our annual holiday event.
Thanks so much, Laura, for letting us show these great photos.
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  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Wow, in the first shot it looks like your building is about to fall over.