Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kody and Skyler, the Lionberger Dogs Arrive at the Hawthorne Hotel

Since we are a pet-friendly hotel we are somewhat used to VIP (very special pets) arriving here. However, today's pair were a bit of show-stoppers, since they are so big.

Here are Kody and Skyler, girl and boy Lionburger dogs from New Hampshire.

They received our welcoming treats from our night manager, Simon Checksfield, and were quite enthusiastic about it.

We were very delighted to welcome them. I thought you might enjoy this everyday-slice-of-life of the Hawthorne Hotel.


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  1. Anonymous5:40 AM

    I loved the pics of the Leonbergers at your hotel. I will be sure to keep your blog site as one of my favorites so that when I visit your area someday I will know to stay at the Hawthorne Hotel with my 2 leos. It is great to see dog friendly places.

    Nadine in Wisconsin