Friday, December 14, 2007

Snowstorm Part II

Here are some more photos of our top-notch snow removal crew getting our sidewalks down to bare pavement last night. We received about 10 inches of snow in the period of about 6 hours, so you know that it was a real task to get it all moved.

In these photos you see Tim and Tom. They did a fine job!

The last photo is a simple photo of our front entrance which looks enchanting in its mantle of snow.

I hope you enjoy the photos of the Hawthorne Hotel, and now you know for sure that we don't have electric sidewalks!

Perhaps you will be stopping by to enjoy the fireplace in our Tavern soon, and I can see you there.


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  1. Great idea for a blog; came across it as I was looking at your website. I'll be staying at the Hawthorne shortly and look forward to the experience, snow and all. That skirt steak looks very appetizing! Can't wait to try it...