Sunday, September 30, 2007

Something special, this way comes

Monday morning we have a big surprise in store. Stay tuned or drop by the lobby that morning to learn more. I promise there will be photos on the blog.


Hawthorne Hotel's Flags of the Week ~~ October 1 through 7, 2007

So far we have no special requests for flags this week, so the rotation will go to our alphabetical order. However, check back frequently if this is of importance to you, since sometimes we do change these, based on special requests. When we do, I will revise this post.


Monday , October 1st ~~ Guinea and Connecticut
Tuesday , October 2nd ~~ Guinea-Bissau and Delaware
Wednesday , October 3rd ~~ Guyana and Florida
Thursday , October 4th ~~ Haiti and Georgia
Friday , October 5th ~~ Honduras and Hawaii
Saturday , October 6th ~~ Hungary and Idaho
Sunday , October 7th ~~ Iceland and Illinois

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wine Dinner, the Finale

When I attend our wine dinners, I always like to have the ability to try as many wines as possible with each course, so as the evening progresses, I keep each wine glass so that I am able to do that.

I thought this look at the different wines in their glasses made an attractive photo, so I thought I would share it with you.

The final photo is of the dessert, the Pumpkin, Pear and Roquefort Cheese Galette, served with Creme Fraiche.

I hope to see you at our next wine dinner.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Served Courses from our Bordeaux Dinner

Glazed Warm Oysters in Leek Fondue, over wilted arugula and pea tendrils. This was an absolutely perfect match to the flinty, minerally, white Bordeaux, Chateau Roquefort, Entre-Deux-Mers, 2005.

Foie Gras Croquette on Grilled Fruit and Nut Bread, served with Sauternes-poached apples and raisin-pear mincemeat. Again, the wine was a perfect match -- Chateau Partarrieu Sauternes, 2001.

The next course shown here, Braised Nieman Ranch Pork, maple-glazed rutabaga, with duxelle and porcini mushroom foam and porcini powder was outstanding, but in my personal opinion was incorrectly matched with with a lovely wine, the Chateau Smith Haut Lafite, Pessac-Leognan, Grand Cru Classe, 2001. The food was outstanding, and the wine was excellent, but the match wasn't there, as they say, IMHO. I happily had saved some of my Sauternes from the previous course, which was a terrific match with the sweeter tastes from the maple and rutabaga, and matched nicely with the pork and earthy mushrooms as well.

Pepper-seared Sirloin, in the final photo, was served with Bordelaise Sauce, Roasted Marrow Bone, Dauphine Potatoes, Braised Endive, and Petite Carrots. The matchup with the Chateau Cos d'Estournel, Saint Estephe, Grand Cru Classe, 1998, was outstanding. The wine was simply amazing.

The next wine dinner is scheduled for Wednesday, November 28, 2007. For reservations, call 978-825-4311.
I hope to see you here.
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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hawthorne Hotel Bordeaux Wine Dinner September 26, 2007

Rabbit Rillettes on rustic French bread was one of the passed items during the reception. It paired up very nicely with the Heidsieck & Co. Monopole Blue Top Brut Champagne.

These were just a few of the wonderful French cheeses served at the Bordeaux dinner reception last night.

The other wine served during the reception was Chateau Guibot La Fourvieille, Puisseguin Saint-Emilion, 2002.

As David explained to us at the reception, 2002 was not a great year for the Bordeaux region, and therefore it was more important than ever to pick wines from the wine makers who can make consistently great wines despite the harvest conditions.

Escargot in parsley-garlic butter.

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Guests at our Bordeaux Wine Dinner Last Night

Barbara and Mike Allen. Mike is a regular at our wine dinners. This time he brought his mother who was thrilled to be invited.

I was seated with Cindy and Dan LeBlanc and got to know them better. Cindy is a gourmet cook, so we had a lot in common.

Here you see David Turcan, the Fine Wine Specialist from Commonwealth Wine & Spirits discussing the effect on vintage conditions with two of the attendees at last night's lovely Bordeaux dinner.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Molly the Maltese

If you are a frequent reader, you will already know we are a pet-friendly hotel on the second and sixth floors. We even offer a doggie room service menu, just for your favorite pooch.

Here is one of our newest guests, four-month old Molly, who is a Maltese. She is just the cutest bundle of energy and fur ever. Her owners are having their floors refinished, and so she needed a place to stay.

Welcome to the Hawthorne Hotel!

By the way, the simplest way to make reservations at the Hawthorne Hotel is to go directly here -- you will see the exact same inventory that we see when we look into our computer, so if you are trying to get here in October, that is the place to try. We are sold out for many, many nights already, but we do have some limited availability. If you can plan your trip around our dates, you will be all set.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What is there to do at night when we stay in Salem?

Here is one set of answers. You might want to buy tickets to some events you can attend while staying at the Hawthorne Hotel. The NSMT is located within a 15 minute drive of the hotel, and is a lovely setting with every seat a great one, since the theater is round.

Here is my insider's tip: If you go to their website (the link is at the end of this post) and click on their Blog, you can find out how to get tickets for half price for "Forever Plaid" which I wrote about on our Hawthorne Hotel Blog a couple of weeks ago.


Singers Englebert Humperdinck, Judy Collins, and Kenny Rogers and
comedians Jackie Mason, Loretta LaRoche, and
The Last Comic Standing finalists set to perform!…
Tickets to all shows on sale now!

It may be getting cold outside, but the stage at North Shore Music Theatre (NSMT) is heating up as NSMT’s 2007 Celebrity Concert Series brings audiences an exciting range of styles and stars to choose from this October. Where else can you see a country music legend, a rock band who appeared in the most successful movie musical of all time, some of the funniest people in America, and a stress management consultant who regularly wears a clown nose and Viking helmet – only at NSMT this Fall!

“Every season, we look forward to bringing in an eclectic group of performers as part of our Celebrity Concert Series and this season, there is a particularly exciting mix of returning fan favorites and newcomers to the NSMT spotlight,” said Jon Kimbell, NMST Artistic Director and Executive Producer. “All of the talent is outstanding and will no doubt thrill and entertain audiences.”

Enjoy an evening of hilarious stand-up comedy with the five finalists from NBC's popular Emmy-nominated laughfest “Last Comic Standing” as the first official live tour comes to NSMT October 1st at 7:30pm. With diverse personalities and genuinely funny jokes, Doug Benson, Gerry Dee, Amy Schumer, Lavell Crawford, and Ralph Harris are the standout stand-ups who America voted for as the funniest in the world.

Engelbert Humperdinck will have audiences swooning October 10th at 7:30pm. In a career spanning 40 years, Engelbert has become a true icon who has defined romance for countless generations. He has been performing for devoted audiences all over the world since his break out hit, “Release Me” which made him a household name and the king of romance.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time, Jackie Mason will have audiences laughing when he hits the NSMT stage on October 11th at 7:30pm. By combining pungent political satire, insightful observations on the quirks of modern life and impeccable timing, Mason has been able to transcend generations with his raw blend of humor and sarcasm - landing him appearances on the “Ed Sullivan Show”, Broadway, HBO and in movies (Caddyshack) and TV (Chicken Soup).

Folk icon Judy Collins, whose influence in music and politics has spread over four decades, performs October 12th at 8pm. For nearly 45 illustrious years, her dulcet tones have graced our ears, and her poetic lyrics have electrified a generation. She has released more than 40 albums, has had numerous Top 10 hits, Grammy nominations and gold and platinum selling albums and continues to inspire and influence millions with her lyrics and recordings.

Sha Na Na may not have invented rock nostalgia, but the group has successfully celebrated the music and the memories for the past three decades and will bring their high-energy stage show to NSMT October 13th at 8pm. Sha Na Na remains true to the original concept: rock 'n' roll is here to stay!

Country music sensation Kenny Rogers will prove to audiences that he’s “The Greatest” when he appears October 14th at 7:30pm. In a pop era when superstars rarely stretch into the next decade, the Texas native is the only artist to chart a record in each of the last six decades, from the 1950s to the 2000s. Hear Rogers at his best – from classic hits like “We’ve Got Tonight”, “The Gambler”, “Crazy”, and “Lady” to his most recent smash single “I Can’t Unlove You” from his current CD, Water and Bridges.

The often irreverent, always hilarious motivational speaker Loretta LaRoche brings stress free laughs on November 4th at 7:30pm when she wraps up the 2007 Celebrity Concert Series. An international stress management and humor consultant and best-selling author whose wit and humor, has, for over 30 years raised the humor potential in all of us, LaRoche will provide audience members with an evening of exploration, creativity and fun.

Concert tickets range from $25 to $75, with special discounts available for NSMT subscribers and donors. To purchase tickets for these concerts or any other performances and for more information and concert updates check out, call (978) 232-7200, or stop by the Box Office at 62 Dunham Road Exit 19 off of Route 128 in Beverly.

We hope to see you here at the Hawthorne Hotel.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Hawthorne Hotel's Flags of the Week ~~ September 24 through 30, 2007

Monday , September 24th ~~ Gambia and Alabama
Tuesday , September 25th ~~ Georgia Alaska
Wednesday , September 26th ~~ Germany and American Samoa
Thursday , September 27th ~~ Ghana and Arizona
Friday , September 28th ~~ Greece and Arkansas
Saturday , September 29th ~~ Grenada and California
Sunday September 30th ~~ Lebanon, by special request, and Colorado

I hope to see you here.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

The BIG Heart of the Hawthorne Hotel

Today we celebrated National Housekeepers' Week here at the Hawthorne Hotel with a breakfast party for the staff of our Housekeeping Department. These men and women that you see pictured here are the very heart of our hotel's VERY IMPORTANT housekeeping department.
Pictured left to right, in the row standing are: Adrianna, Jim, Margarita, Josh, John, and Elizabeth
In the row, seated, left to right are: Andrea, Lourdes, Karla, Carmen and Blanca.
As I have written before in this blog, the people that you rarely see are the ones to whom we owe the biggest debt of gratitude, for they are the ones who make this hotel what it is ~~ a Clean, Comfortable, and Charming Place to Stay here in Salem, Massachusetts.
Thank you to the entire Housekeeping Team, for ALL that you do!
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Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Glimpse of a Wedding in the Misty Common on Friday Night

One of the things I love to do with this blog is to let you enjoy some of the great things that I get to enjoy in my job as General Manager of the Hawthorne Hotel.

Last night as I was walking home, I noticed a bridesmaid and two little flower girls hurrying from the hotel over to the Common where the rest of the bridal party had assembled to take some photos with the horse drawn carriage they had hired for this occasion.

I thought the scene was ethereal and almost of another time and place, as I snapped away with my iPhone.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do.


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Friday, September 21, 2007

Arriving in Style at the Historic Hawthorne Hotel

Andy and Tricia Wallace of New Jersey arrived in Salem today for a wedding of a close family friend. They showed up here at the Hawthorne Hotel in this lovely Model A. It looked so appropriate for the hotel that I had to take their photo.

I hope you enjoy seeing this outstanding antique car here at our Historic Hawthorne Hotel.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Garden Restaurant Menu Items

Here are a few menu items that are available in our Garden Restaurant at the PEM. You are welcomed there, whether or not you want to visit the Museum -- no admission ticket purchase is necessary to simply dine at either of our restaurants -- this one or the Atrium Cafe.

The first item is our owner's favorite -- Raspberry Chicken Salad with Pecans and Mandarin Oranges. It is available in two sizes, and is absolutely the BEST!!!

The next item is the Grilled Panini of the Day, served on this day with a takeoff on Salade Nicoise -- green beans and potatoes with a lovely vinaigrette dressing.

The third item is our Crab Cakes with Autumn Squash Salad.

And last but not least is the dessert of chocolate caramel mousse.

Whatever you try in the Garden, it will make you smile, both on your face and on the inside, because all of the food tastes as good as it looks.

If you want to make reservations there, call 978-745-9500, extension 3118. You might want to hurry, because the Garden closes on Columbus Day for the rest of the winter, to reopen again in the Spring. The Garden is open for lunch Wednesday through Sundays each week.

I hope to see you here.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Sad Day at the Hawthorne Hotel

One of our staff members, Steve Ashworth, passed away from natural causes on Wednesday afternoon. We are all saddened by this loss.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September in Salem

I thought these photos were the essence of September in Salem. They were all taken just about two blocks from the Hawthorne Hotel.

I hope you enjoy seeing them.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

A popular photo op in Salem, MA

These stocks are located in front of the Witch Dungeon Museum on Lynde Street here in Salem, Massachusetts.

It always amuses me when I walk by there on approximately 98% of the days it is open (this museum closes in the winter), to see no lines, and to remember what is coming -- people lined up nearly around the block waiting to get in there on the weekends in October.

While we always love to see people any time of the year, you should know, fair reader, that Salem is available a LOT more days than the weekends in October, and you WON'T have to stand in LINE!!!

So, come see us during the week in October. You will be happy that you did. Or come see us on other weekends. Believe me, the lines are a waste of time when you can avoid them simply by coming on a different day.

Click on this link to make reservations on-line, directly into our hotel's site:

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hawthorne Hotel's Flags of the Week ~~ September 17 through September 23, 2007

Monday , September 17th ~~ Eritrea and Utah
Tuesday , September 18th ~~ Estonia and Vermont
Wednesday , September 19th ~~ Ethiopia and Virginia
Thursday , September 20th ~~ Fiji and West Virginia
Friday , September 21st ~~ Finland and Washington
Saturday , September 22nd ~~ France and Wisconsin
Sunday September 23rd ~~ Gabon and Wyoming

Let us know if you have any special request.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Talk Like a Pirate Day? What is there to do in Salem?

News from our friends at the Schooner Fame

The early fall is the best time to sail New England’s historic waters, and what better way to sail them than on board a gorgeous 70-foot schooner?It’s not too late to put a family or company outing together for this month. Imagine being out on the water with 20 or 30 of your closest friends… sipping a Sam Adams Octoberfest or a glass of cabernet sauvignon while Salem Sound slides past — lighthouses, forts, gorgeous waterfront homes. It’s a different world out on the water!

But autumn won’t last forever, so make your plans now to bring your group aboard FAME. Charter rates run as low as $300 an hour and we have room for up to 40 passengers. If it’s a smaller group you have in mind — you and that special someone, or maybe a family outing with the kids — we offer public sails at 12, 2, and 4 PM on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays right through Halloween!


We aboard FAME never miss an opportunity to hoist the Jolly Roger and talk like pirates. September 19 is National Talk Like a Pirate Day and we hope you will join us in full pirate regalia for a special pirate cruise on Wednesday, September 19 from 6-8 PM. Grog and hardtack will be available, along with more traditional refreshments.

Regular ticket prices apply: $25 adults/$20 seniors/$15 children.


The Essex National Heritage Commission (ENHC) presents its sixth annual Trails & Sails: A Weekend of Walks and Water, September 28-30, 2007. Designed to highlight the diversity of historic, cultural, and natural resources within the Essex National Heritage Area, the weekend includes more than 150 FREE events at 89 sites throughout Essex County.

As part of this event, FAME is offering a free cruise at 10 AM on Sunday, September 28th.

First come, first served!

A Trails & Sails brochure, with event descriptions, locations and times, is available online at To receive a printed brochure, please register online or call the ENHC at 978-740-0444.


This Halloween season, local storyteller Tony Toledo will be weaving tales of terror on board FAME on the evenings of October 27-31. Tony’s 45-minute shows begin at 6 PM and 7 PM nightly. Tickets are $12 per person. The schooner will remain dockside during these performances.

We’ll combine sailing with family-friendly ghost stories on Sunday, October 28 at 4 PM. Tony’s tales for this cruise will be funny scary, so the young ones can sleep easy in their beds. Regular ticket prices apply: $25 adults/$20 seniors/$15 children.


Once again this year, we will extend our schedule to include trips at 12, 2, and 4 PM on Monday, October 29, Tuesday, October 30, and Wednesday, October 31. That’s in addition to our trips the weekend of the 27th and 28th.



The fourth annual Salem Pirate Faire
Winter Island Park
September 15 & 16, 10 AM to 5 PM both days
Join Pastimes for this family-friendly interactive theatrical event set in the Golden Age of Piracy!
For more information, visit


To make reservations here at the Hawthorne Hotel, go to:

I hope to see you here.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Sunflower in the Ropes Mansion Garden

This first photo could have been taken in Tuscany, but as you get further away, you will see that we are actually in New England, right here in Salem, Massachusetts.

It is actually in the Ropes Mansion Gardens, only a few blocks walk from the Hawthorne Hotel.

If you read this blog frequently, you will already know that I get to walk through these gardens on my walk to work. The gardens really are splendid this year, and I think these photos show that.

I hope to see you there (or here!)

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One More Lovely Shot of the Ropes Garden

I took these photos with my iPhone. It does quite a nice job, I think.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hawthorne Hotel Names Rosa Nina-Brito Full-time Employee of the Month for August 2007

On Thursday we surprised and delighted one of our staff members who is a delight to have on our team with the Full-time Award for our Employee of the Month, August 2007. Rosa has been with us for several years, having started at the PEM -- she was one of the staff members we hired from the 'old' contractor that was there. Since that time, Rosa has filled a number of roles, but we think she has really found a place to shine -- right here in Nathaniel's for breakfast and brunch.

We are so pleased with the genuinely kind and caring way that Rosa serves our guests, and her election by the managers for this award was well-deserved.

As you can see here, Rosa loves to pose for the camera, and she is not only a good worker, but fun to be around as well.

Rock on, Rosa!

Thanks for all you do!

Rosa and James Kluge, Dining Services Manager
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