Monday, August 27, 2007

The Heart of the Hotel

In the hotel business there are two main areas we speak of internally and they are the front of the house and the back of the house. Another term that is used for the back of the house is the heart of the hotel.

When I see people like Scott Gardner, shown here, I have to think of the "heart of the hotel" because of the way he works. Scott is our accounts payable clerk, and a whole lot more. He interfaces with me quite a bit, and I am very happy for the fact that he is both dependable and thorough, while being easy to get along with, jovial and friendly.

Because they are not in the public eye, our guests do not normally think of the fact that we have people like Scott working for us. Sometimes I think even our own staff members do not really realize how many different jobs there are in the hotel.

Right now we have approximately 140 employees working for us, including an accounting office staff of eight, which includes the storeroom and night auditing positions.

Thanks for all you do in the "heart of the hotel", Scott and the entire accounting team.

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  1. Anonymous4:45 PM

    I enjoyed reading your Blog.

    I am planning a trip to Massachusetts and your Hotel seems lovely.

    I especially liked looking at the pictures of the hotel, the nice stories about your staff, guests, and local points of interest. The photos of the food are mouth watering.

    I only have one question. You seem like a very experienced Blogger, who puts a lot of time and effort into producing these Blogs.

    Why wouldn't you make it easy to book a room or dinner reservation by linking the Hotel's Web Site or Reservations to your Blog?

    In order to inquire about a Room Reservation, I had to Open another window, cut and paste the hotels web site address Just to check on room availability and pricing.

    Wouldn't a simple link, on you Blog, make everything easier for everyone, not just me? Think about the person who wants to make dinner reservations, or inquire about having a function.

    Once again, I loved your blog, and from the looks of it, I am sure that I am going to love YOUR Hotel.