Tuesday, August 14, 2007

All of our history is not glorious

My posting of a vintage postcard of the Hawthorne Hotel as the photo for this blog has prompted a friend and neighbor of the Hawthorne to send along a copy of a postcard that he has. Michael Coleman sent me this, along with some comments, "You might get a chuckle out of it; it's very 60's."

I did get a big chuckle. I hope you will too.

The Zanzibar Ballroom is now called just the Ballroom. The wonderful Palladian windows have been uncovered (they were covered over in the 60's in an effort to make the Hawthorne look 'modern'.) If you want to click on the postcard photo you can bring it up as a larger version so you can see more detail.

The Main Brace photo is of the space we now call Sophia's. We use it as an extension of Nathaniel's for Sundays, and on other special occasions, and we also use it as a function room. In this photo shown here, it was set up as the "Ready for Red" room, part of Color My World which was a themed-event we did for Catholic Charities this Spring. I chose that photo so you can see that it is the same space as is shown in the Main Brace Photo on this Historic Postcard.

These current era photos of our current Ballroom and Sophia's are for comparison purposes.

I hope you enjoy this slice of Hawthorne Hotel history, and thanks again to Michael for helping us understand that not everything that has been done to this old building has been in the spirit of preservation.


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