Thursday, March 29, 2007

Our Guests Seem to Really Love Us, Just Look What They Write!

If you ever look on TripAdvisor about the Hawthorne Hotel, you might be perplexed at what you read. While the majority of the reviews are very positive, there are a few that are downright mean. I really wish, if those people really stayed here, and those experiences were real, that they would contact me directly so that I could do something about what supposedly occurred. It makes me wonder if they are simply written by a competitor, in the guise of a review. Unfortunately there is no way to find out.

Today, when we read the following review in TripAdvisor, we certainly were pleased. It seems our guests who really do stay here, really do love us. Thanks so much to you and your daughter, and thanks for taking the time to write about your very positive experiences here at the Hawthorne!


I felt compelled to write a review on behalf of the Hawthorne Hotel! My
teenage daughter and I were there in early October and loved everything about
it. I am amazed at some of the reviews I have read. The location was great. We
loved the history of the hotel itself. The food at Nathaniel's was terrific. Our
server was very efficient and personable. Our room was much larger than we
expected. I personally loved the fact that I could open the window and look out
onto the street. The nights were just cool enough to be enjoyable. The beds were
comfortable, even though I must admit that I'm not in the habit of stripping the
linens and inspecting the mattresses to see if they are stained, as apparently
some reviewers do. Our overall experience was excellent. I truly prefer the
character of the older hotel. One naturally sacrifices some of the more mundane
conveniences for such an historic experience. I'm certain I could have adjusted
the thermostat at the Best Western, but seriously, what kind of trade off would
that be? My daughter and I will return. We loved it.!

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