Saturday, September 23, 2006

A most gracious thank you letter. . .

We received this lovely letter just this week, and thought you might enjoy reading it as well. It was addressed to Susan Babine, our Director of Sales and Marketing.
Dear Susan,

On behalf of the Mary Washington Branch of The Association of Virginia Antiquities/Preservation Virginia, I send our sincere appreciation to you, Juli, and the other executives and staff of the Hawthorne Hotel.

From our arrival on September 12th to our departure on the 15th, you did so much to welcome us and assure our comfort as guests. An easy and smooth check-in is vital for those who’ve traveled hundreds of miles by motor coach, and you were on hand to accomplish that with efficiency and grace.
The warm personal greetings for our entire travel group set the right tone for the rest of our stay, and I’m much in your debt for the extra courtesies that helped me relax and enjoy the trip even while I was the tour leader.

The small gathering you arranged for us on our final night was a hit with everyone, and you have many new advocates and preservation friends in our part of the country. I congratulate you on a job superbly performed and thank you for
creating our new impression of New England hospitality.

I wish you all expanding success as you continue the traditions of serving your community and the traveling public. Your area has incredible resources beyond the better-known witch attractions, and I await my next return with happy anticipation.

Salem has an exciting future, and I know the Hawthorne Hotel will always be a part of it. Your grand old building deserves to shine and be proud forever. Surely it will do so in your care.

Most sincerely yours,

Rebecca Starling
Travel Chairman

Letters such as this one make us all so proud of what we do here at the Hawthorne Hotel. We hope to be able to show you our own brand of New England hospitality as well.

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