Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lourdes Gonzalez de Reynoso, Our Part-time Employee of the Month for July 2006

Here you see me, Lourdes, Karla Melendez (Housekeeping Supervisor) and Shannon Civitarese at the presentation of the part-time employee of the month award that we made to Lourdes today.

We went to the employee breakroom at break time, and she was already back up in the rooms, working. That is the kind of staff member Lourdes is. So a ruse was perpetrated by Karla, and we were able to surprise her in front of all of her co-workers, and all of the managers who voted for her.

Lourdes made the most detailed and touching speech about her work here for the past year, since she arrived from the Dominican Republic. She said she was fortunate to be part of our team, but we think we are the fortunate ones to have her with us.

Congratulations, Lourdes, and thank you for all you do!

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