Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Changing of the planter boxes at the Hawthorne Hotel

Buckingham Palace has the changing of the guard. The Hawthorne Hotel has the changing of the plants.

Five times each year we strip out the old plants from the planter boxes, give them away, and plant the next season's plants. We like to change our appearance.

Here are photos of the process, taking place in the heat yesterday.

The flowers that are coming in are the violet-colored verbena seen here. The official name is Babylon Blue Verbena. And as you can see, they were grown for us by Nunan's Greenhouses in Georgetown. Their website is and if you go there, please be sure to tell them we sent you, and that you saw this on our blog.

The photo at the end of this post is of Austin, who works for Nunan's, and who delivered the thousands of plants that it takes to fill all of our planter boxes.

I hope you enjoy seeing this slice of life at the Hawthorne Hotel. We look forward to welcoming you here.


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