Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Bewitched Convention Comes to Salem


From left to right, starting at the top are:
David Pierece, Edwina Haselberger, Kevin Brophy
Judy McClelland, Jean Yannes, Melanie McDonald
Jone Devlin, Tom Stevenson, Ross Allison
Mark Simpson, Sharon Orazi, and Debra Elszewski

Here are a number of the participants of this year's convention. The attendees came from all over the world, and from as far away as Australia. The convention was organized by Mark Simpson, who lives in Tacoma, Washington surrounded by his Bewitched memborabilia.

As I spoke to them, and took their photo, they were being followed around by a Canadian television reality show camera crew.

Managing the Hawthorne Hotel is never boring -- there is always something new happening here!

I hope to see you here soon.

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1 comment:

  1. Judy McClelland7:52 AM

    Wow, what an absolute pleasure visiting your beautiful hotel.
    To be there will fellow bewitched fans made it extra special.
    It was certainly worth the long long trip from Australia to not only visit & eat at your hotel but to also see what a beautiful place Salem is. I hope i can come back again, it is truly one of the most beautiful places i have ever travelled to. Thank you for making us so welcome.
    Judy McClelland
    Melbourne Australia