Monday, April 10, 2006

Hawthorne Hotel's Flags of the Week, April 10 -- 16, 2006

Monday , April 10 ~~ Niger and Florida
Tuesday , April 11 ~~ Nigeria and Georgia
Wednesday , April 12 ~~ Norway and Guam
Thursday , April 13 ~~ Oman and Hawaii
Friday , April 14 ~~ Pakistan and Idaho
Saturday , April 15 ~~ Palau (Flag shown above) and Illinois
*Palau is a small island nation in the western Pacific Ocean. The country is also known as Belau. Palau consists chiefly of about 200 islands in a chain that lies about 500 miles (800 kilometers) east of the Philippines. Palau is part of the Caroline Islands, which belong to a larger island group known as Micronesia.
Sunday , April 16 ~~ Panama and Indiana

As part of our own effort to help folks understand that we are not just a small town, but part of the fabric of a greater place called the World, we fly a different country's flag and a different state's flag each day. We fly the flag of the USA on the roof, and these other flags on the front of the building.

Especially during this particular time of this particular year, with many people discussing what is fair when it comes to immigration, we offer this gesture to all people of the world. Peace.


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