Monday, April 03, 2006

Flags of the Week -- April 3 - 9, 2006

As noted in previous posts, here at the Hawthorne Hotel we fly a different country and a different state flag every day on the front of our building, in addition to the flag of the U.S. which is located on the roof of our building.

If this small gesture helps even one more person learn that we are part of an entire planet, made up of a myriad of different peoples, but we are all still part of that greater place called the world, then we will feel our efforts have been meaningful.


Monday , April 3 ~~ Myanmar and Arkansas
Here are a map and a picture of the flag of Myanmar. If you are as old as I am, you may remember calling this country Burma.

Tuesday , April 4 ~~ Namibia and California
Wednesday , April 5 ~~ Nauru and Colorado
Thursday , April 6 ~~ Nepal and Connecticut
Friday , April 7 ~~ Netherlands and Delaware
Saturday , April 8 ~~ New Zealand and District of Colombia
Sunday , April 9 ~~ Nicaragua and Florida

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