Thursday, January 05, 2006

So long, Mr. and Mrs. Walker


My mother always taught me not to say good-bye to anyone, but to say "so long" instead. She insisted that good-bye was permanent, and "so long" was only a temporary condition. That is why, today, we at the Hawthorne Hotel say "so long" to Mr. and Mrs. Walker.

The Walkers have been with us for several months, while their condo was being finished nearby. So we know, in their case, that we will definitely see them again.

In the hotel business, we have guests, and we have guests who become friends. The Walkers have become our friends, and we will always cherish our being able to get to know them well.

So long, Mr. and Mrs. Walker, and we'll see you around Salem!

Juli, and the staff of the Hawthorne Hotel Posted by Picasa

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