Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hawthorne Hotel, Salem Massachusetts - A View from Above

Recently my brother sent me an email that sent me to a really interesting site. The site allows you to see birdseye views of virtually any place for which you have an address. It is unique because it shows the sides of the buildings, instead of just the rooftops.

Here is a view of the Hawthorne Hotel and our next door neighbor, the Salem Common.

If you want to go to the main site, type in Once you get there, type in the street address, including the commas, state and zipcode. It will bring up a map, and if there is a "Birdsye View" there will be a building icon. Click on that and you can see your building. You can click on the points of the compass to see a total of four views, and you can zoom in as well.

I apologize in advance if a visit to this site engages you so much as to cause a loss of productivity for you today. It is fun!


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