Sunday, October 16, 2005

Parking is the subject

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"I parked it somewhere, I just can't remember where." by Charles J. Lang

This delightful work is part of the current exhibition mounted at the Kensington Stobart Gallery here in the Hawthorne Hotel.

Just in time for our wacky Halloween season known as Haunted Happenings, the owner of the gallery has chosen to exhibit the works of Charles J. Lang, along with others.

Stop by when you are visiting Salem. The Kensington Stobart is a delightful gallery located right here in the Hawthorne Hotel.

This is an appropriate subject matter for an artist and Salem this time of the year, when parking is at a premium. If you are coming to Salem in October on a weekend (or the first weekends in November for that matter), you might consider the commuter rail. It is very reasonably prices, and brings you right into downtown Salem. Even parking in Beverly or Lynn, and taking the commuter rail on into Salem makes a lot of sense the next two weekends in October.


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