Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Never can say good-bye

Phil and Carol Barry say so-long to the Hawthorne Hotel staff Posted by Picasa

Yesterday we had to say so-long to the Barry's who have been staying with us since December of 2004. They were flooded and frozen out of their apartment in Marblehead in the depths of some of the worse winter weather last year, and it has taken a very long time for the construction crew to get things sorted out for them. In the meanwhile, they made the Hawthorne Hotel 'home', along with their cat, 'Pixie', who was the most quiet, transparent pet we have ever had staying with us.

While we know we shouldn't have 'favorite' guests, it is hard not to consider Phil and Carol exactly that, and we will miss them terribly. They are such genuinely nice people, and we couldn't help allowing them to find a special place in our collective hearts.

We know they will be back for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we hope that we'll see them more than that.


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