Friday, October 28, 2005

Halloween Ball preparations at the Hawthorne Hotel


Maria MacLeod and Diane Wojcik, members of the accounting department, are preparing decorations for their assigned room for the Hawthorne Hotel Halloween Ball. This year the ball's theme is "Medieval Madness".

Every year the Hawthorne holds a Halloween Ball on the Saturday before Halloween. Each year we have a different theme for the ball, and we create decor for each of the seven areas of the Hawthorne that are used to host the ball.

We have a contest which allows the different departments of the hotel to decorate an area, and we give the winning department a very nice cash prize. Judging is done by local dignitaries from the community, who bid for the honor of being a judge at the Salem Rotary fundraising auction, held in early winter each year.

One of the amusing parts of this saga is that we save many of the decor items for reuse by the various departments in another year, and we store the Halloween decor in the basement of our Bed and Breakfast, the Suzannah Flint House. Last year, shortly after we moved all the decor items into the basement, we received a phone call from a guest at the B & B, who was quite upset because she thought there was a body in the basement. You see, the floor boards have some gaps in between a couple, and someone had left the lights on in the basement. The guest actually was peering down between the gaps and spied one of our 'body part' mannequins that was in storage. After we explained what was really going on, she got a good laugh out of the situation.

Life at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts -- always has something to lighten my day.

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