Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Late Summer Flower Change at the Hawthorne Hotel

Ray Gagnon, Robert Ladd, Nick Swindell and Shaun Keaton Posted by Picasa

In the photo above you can see our crack 'gardening crew' installing the new batch of plants in the Hawthorne Hotel window boxes. If you watch the hotel closely, you'll already know that we change the plants approximately five times a year, beginning with pansies in the early spring, then to petunias for the summer, New Guinea Impatiens for the late summer, mums in the fall and the winter evergreens and wreaths for the winter.

The impatiens are just a little behind the curve this year, so their color is not fully showing. You may have to just watch this BLOG for a little while longer to see what color they will be.

I'll be sure to post a photo when they are in full bloom.


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