Saturday, August 20, 2005

A Family Affair

Christina and John De Barros

Christina and her father, John Pellecchia Posted by Picasa

On Saturday May 7th, our restaurant sous chef, John Pellecchia proudly gave his daughter the wedding reception of her dreams, right here at the Hawthorne Hotel.

He tells us that although it has been three months since the reception, both he and his daughter continue to receive phone calls about how great the reception was. He says that he is very proud to be working in such a wonderful place, and is so pleased to have such wonderful team members to work with, including Executive Chef, Steve Nelson; Food and Beverage Director, Claire Kallelis; and Banquet Chef, Ken O'Keefe.

It's nice for us when one of our 'work-family' here at the Hawthorne Hotel is able to fully participate in the life of the hotel with their own family.

Congratulations to Christina and John!


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  1. Christina DeBarros9:05 AM

    I just got in work and received an email from my Dad telling me to go to the hawthorne's website and look under the Daily Dairy. To my suprise, there John and I were. Thanks soooo much to everyone for their effort in making our ceremony and reception everything we hoped it would be and more!!!