Friday, June 24, 2005

Hawthorne Hotel says so-long to Michael Jr.

Six-foot sub sendoff for Michael Posted by Hello

Today was Michael Harrington Jr.'s last day at the Hawthorne Hotel. Those of you who know him will understand why we feted him with a six-foot submarine sandwich. Mike has eaten a sub virtually every day forever, so we thought it only appropriate.

The sub came from the Super Sub shop in Beverly on Cabot Street. Their phone number is 978-927-4788. By the way, the sub was very good!

Mike is leaving to go out to the Publick House, our sister property in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. So if you are out that way, stop by and say hello. The Publick House's website is

We'll miss Mike and his daily sub.


1 comment:

  1. that's HILARIOUS that you sent Michael off with a huge sub.....

    What were the Hors D'Oeuvres?

    Marlboro Lights & Dunkin Donuts coffee? :)