Sunday, May 29, 2005

More Flag Furor

Now we're beginning to wonder. . . why are the flags raising so much ire amongst the locals? Yesterday we had two more irate folks contact us about the flags. What could the problem be, one might ask, with flying a different country and a different state's flag each day, along with a giant flag of the United States on the top of the hotel?

Well, one person stopping by thought we shouldn't be flying the flag of Mississippi, because it has a confederate symbol embedded in it. The other thought we should have two more U.S. flags on the front of the hotel in place of the state and country flag, because it is Memorial Day weekend.

Hey folks, we don't manufacture flags at the hotel, we accommodate guests who want to stay with us, or eat in our restaurants or have a function there. I'm sure that there are much bigger issues in the world for you to worry about than our flags. Sheesh. . .


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