Friday, May 13, 2005

Hawthorne Hotel's Full-time Employee of the Month, Francisco Lora

Francisco Lora, April Full-time Employee of the Month, Hawthorne Hotel Posted by Hello

In every endeavor there are those staff members who are seen and recognized by the public, and those who work behind the scenes in the support of us all. Francisco Lora is one of those terrific people who keep us all working and productive. His job is to do basic food preparation, and to wash the dishes and related items we use, as well as to help produce the employee meals that we serve every day.

When the managers nominate a staff member for employee of the month, the conversation around the conference table comes from every conceivable angle and viewpoint. This month, in discussing Francisco's nomination, the managers were unanimous in their praise of this quiet, hard-working and very pleasant man. While English is not his first language, he manages to convey a team spirit of conviviality that makes him extremely well-liked and respected by all.

Francisco comes from the Dominican Republic, and has worked at the Hawthorne Hotel for just over seven years. Congratulations, Francisco, for a job WELL DONE!


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