Saturday, April 23, 2005

Mourning Dove in Residence

The story of our unregistered guest continues.

Yesterday Dan Harris, our Rooms Division Manager spoke with a representative of the National Audubon Society about our new hotel mascot, the Mourning Dove, who has taken up residence just outside the window of one of our sixth floor rooms. He asked her if we could properly move the nest.

Without hesitation, the reply was that not only shouldn't we move it, but it is against the law to move it. This is the nest of a migratory species, and it is against the law to move it, disturb it, or touch it.

We learned that the incubation period for these eggs is about 14 days. Then another 14 to 21 days or so until the birds are able to fly on their own.

So, we have the room 'out of order' for the time being, while we prepare some signs to be placed on the window. We hope the signs will prevent any future guest from opening that particular window, since that process will most certainly disturb this nest.

Now we're trying to decide on a name for our new mascot. Any suggestions?

Here is a link to information on Mourning Doves:

My job is always interesting.



  1. Donna Daly12:05 PM

    Lucky Lady!
    Where else could a person or
    bird be treated so well!!
    The Hawthorne Hotel of course!

    She is a lucky lady and should be
    called for what she is.
    Donna Daly

  2. Juli - What a great promo idea for the hotel!

    PLEASE . . . . .

    List each time you change WHAT COUNTRY your flag features! Recently you had one with two black stars and we could not find it on the internet . . . .

    Post a list - it would be fun AND helpful!

    Lynn Rotarian Gene Hastings

  3. Thanks for the comments to both Donna and Gene.

    We'll try to get the flag information up every day. Stay tuned.


  4. Gene,

    Here is the information for the flag that has the two black stars. This website seems to have the most up to date information.

    C:\Documents and Settings\juli\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLK2A\World Flag Database Flags of São Tomé Príncipe.htm

    Have fun.


  5. Gene,

    Sorry, that was not a good link. I can't seem to make the link work. But the country is Sao Tome Principe, located in Africa.

    There are lots of accent marks that I cannot duplicate in this window.


  6. The flag pix and info look great!

    This link works: Be sure to use all of it.

    If you cannot, just use§ion=CURR